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Israel at War, Emunah Faces the Challenge

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Building a Jewish Today to  ensure a Jewish Tomorrow 

World  Emunah

World Religious Zionist Women's Organization 

Member of the World Zionist Organization

 Mission Statement: 

WORLD EMUNAH's aims are two-fold:

1. To encourage, motivate and assist member organizations abroad in their endeavors to raise funds for EMUNAH projects in Israel. 

2. To strengthen through the activities of EMUNAH the commitment to Israel in communities abroad, and to reinforce the Jewish identity of the family through the activities of local EMUNAH groups, 
EMUNAH Midrashot and other educational programs.

Israel Prize Recipient

World Emunah
World Religious Zionist Women's Organization
To contact us:
Phone: 00-972-2-5660414, Fax: 00-972-2-5662811
Email: worldemunah@worldemunah.com
6 Arlozorov Street, POB 7788, Jerusalem, Israel

World Emunah's representatives attend the opening event of the 
WZO Zionist General Council, June 2012

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